Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sam Sheep Can't Sleep

So it's 6AM and I have tried for about 40 minutes to fall asleep with no success. Well 6 in the morning isn't too early you say. Well, it feels to me like it 'should be' when it is a Saturday morning and last night you were up until like midnight making a poster!

Anyway, Ryan is usually the one with insomnia. In fact I think this probably my first real no reasaon to be awake in the dark hours of the day that I can think of. Ryan on the other hand, :( not so lucky. In fact he was up earlier this week for a couple hours one night.

I guess that is the good and bad side of cable TV. Any suggestions for Ryan?

Sam Sheep, the one who can't sleep is a character in a phonics book that I love. In this story the silly sheep also can't sleep and wakes up his dog. His dog tells him of a neighbor that can help. Well, before too long, each neighbor knows who can help and in the end I think Sam Sheep falls asleep from all the late or mid-night walking that they do. hehe

I neither have a talking dog or neighbors I wish to wake up at the hour. So I got up and this the the result.

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Emily said...

Guess what.. I can't sleep either. So her I am at 6:28am catching up on blogs and editing pictures... an endless task! But hey, at least its quiet! hope you get some sleep soon! ~loves