Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Favorite Things and a little wisdom

London just loves this baby gym. It is definitely her new favorite thing to do. Thanks G Family for letting us use it. The best part is when she starts rollin' around because she is trying to hit the little hanging animals with her feet.

Ashby's favorite thing to do is to play dress up. More specifically dress up to get married and dance. But this video had the dancing and dress up. So I figure it counts. When Ashby is getting "married" she likes to put on a dress (any dress - a dress up dress or a normal dress) and a blanket for a veil and then I get to sing the "wedding song". You know "here comes the bride...". Then she dances with her "prince". Often times the prince is a girl. but maybe that's because she thinks that boys don't shower.

Oh that reminds me of her little wisdom. I hope she remembers this as a 12-20 year old. That boys are "icky, icky sticky"

For more Ashby "getting Married" click here. (thanks Nana)

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