Friday, January 9, 2009

Good Day, Bad Day?

Today began in a pretty normal fashion. And normal for me is that I assume we will enjoy a pretty good day. Also normal for me are little surprises or speed bumps if you will that sometimes threaten my "good day attitude" But here is a synopsis of today so far:

Ashby wakes up approx. 20 minutes earlier than usual, but this is nice because she wants to snuggle in bed with me. Due to being up earlier than normal, Ryan was able to cuddle with us for a brief time. Cute. Hugs and we will see him at lunch time.

We Breakfast and cleanup, we practice our numbers,read "Little Quack" (thanks Andrew and Megan!" and get dressed in our snow clothes to go out to play and shovel the drive. (

note to neighbors and other Orem residents: Yes, I know there really wasn't enough snow on the ground to "need" to shovel, but I have discovered it to be an excellent cardio exercise for me that keeps Ashby outside, safe and happy) So we are both excited.

Outside we go to find an immediate "speed bump". Grandpa Ken has seriously like 5 different kinds of snow shovels. (the Bishops are serious shovelers!) 2 of which I really like to use as they are light weight and efficient at moving snow. However, there was only one option that really wasn't even a real "snow" shovel. It's just a big, metal, not wide enough for snow shoveling shovel.

But as mentioned before this activity is good for both Ashby and I. So the old yucky shovel it is.

After the shoveling is finished I ask Ashby if she would like to make her own Snowman! She excitedly responds with a big, "Yes!" Speed bump completely forgotten.

Snowman is given a beanie, Grape eyes, carrot nose, red-licorice smiley, stick arms and scarf! Snowman is named "Frosty the Snowman" (because he is her very first snowman and she really liked reading that book throughout the Christmas season).

Ashby loves Grapes, so seeing Frosty's eyes makes her want some. Excellent. Snack time for her, exercise time for me! Ashby has excellent snack and short video (My Little Ponies) time and I have excellent exercise time.

Shower and get ready for day. Check. That always helps with the makings of a good day.

Sticker Book time!! Let me tell you Usborne knows how to do sticker books! We have the Princess version. I'm not a big advocate of Ashby thinking the she's THE Princess, but princess play time can be fun. This was one of those times! Ashby loves putting all of the clothes on the girls so they match. Then she knows that each girl probably needs a hat, a bracelet, purse, scarf, or something cute to go with her outfit. -okay, so maybe she'll like to shop when she's older- Anyway, another Good day moment.

Lunch. Ryan came home. Yummy food. 'Bishop pizza' wass decided on for dinner yesterday. (another good, I enjoy cooking most when it's planned) I ask Ryan if he would make the dough. He's better at it than I am, really. He agrees. Does all that hard mixing and kneeding and places it on the stove to rise.

He mentions that I should turn the oven on the help it rise. Done. Timer set for 1 1/2 hours. When that time is up I'll place in fridge to cool until needed this evening.

I'm feeling so happy and blessed that my sweet husband would do this for me.

It's time for Ashby's "Quiet Time". My do whatever time. Prepare for next weeks pre school. Blog. Email a friend. All good.

Timer goes off for checking dough.

Seems bigger. Good. Remove towel and dough....BAD. Hot oven melted through plastic bowl. BAD.

I call Ryan. Good. He minds me all the reasons why it's no big deal. I smile. He's right. I decide I wanna remember times like this.

Times that are good. Thanks Ryan. You make lots of days good.

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