Thursday, August 21, 2008

Loveless family trip and reuion!

July 16th and 17th

It may appear that we packed as many of the Loveless family and had a wonderful holiday on the coast, but you would be decieved. All of these beautiful sences were taken while walking the "mudpot" loop near Yellowstone Lake (the water viewed in most of the pictures).

The weather was hot but not killer and there was actually a breeze during all of our touring at Yellowstone National Park. I hadn't been in a while and it was Ryan (and Ashby's) first time! I think that all of the National Parks that I've visited to be amazing, but this time Yellowstone seemed particularly great.

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Sean,Patty, Merrick and Memphis Donovan said...

Yellowstone looks soo beautiful. I've never been there before either. For our vacation we went back home to visit the family for a week. We had so much fun.