Sunday, March 23, 2008

Things that Grandmas and Nanas like best!

With few opportunities to spend time with Ashby's many, loving Grandmas, I thought the next best thing having their grand-baby is getting to see lots of cute pictures and videos. So to those of you who aren't feeling Grandmotherly....or auntish or of course the male version of either of these, then stop by later when I've a newer post up. Thanks Enjoy

Bubble Baths, A Costume Hat, and Smiles

One of Ashby's favorite thing to do with SIlly!

Yes, you did see pictures of this day, but I just love how sincerely she states how many shirts she is wearing!



Henderson Happenings said...

love the running video. i think that i will try yelling everthing i'm doing when i'm doing it. like "studyingggggg!!!!" and "eatinggggggg!!!" ashby is so cute.

trine k said...

these videos are cracking me up! I love how beefy she looks with all those shirts on and the running video- so so cute!

Emily said...

OH my gosh.. these videos are DARLING!! She is getting sooo big. I just showed them to Lilly we are both laughing! Such fun!!! Loves

Amy Dianne said...

I love my niece! I think my favorite part of these videos is when I walk in in the background and start telling Phryne that we're about to eat. Only... I wish I would be like, happy with you guys. Haha.

I agree with the Hendersons. I should definitely try yelling everything as I do it from now on.

indymartin said...

Everytime I see Ashby's name I just love it. What a beautiful girl!!!!

Jared the Elder Brother said...

My Favorite so far... RUNNING!!!