Monday, February 4, 2008

Superbowl 42

It comes around each year and I know that many look forward to it with great anticipation. Ryan, could be one of that catergory. I, probably am not. I am not a particular Giants fan. In fact I don't think I would have a favorite team if it came down to it. But because of Ryan (and his brothers) and my brother Adam, I guess I am a Bronco's fan of sorts. But they kind of sucked this year. Anyway, I guess we Bishops had a soft spot for the Giants being the under-dogs all year. Also I thought it would be cool if Eli had a ring to match his oldder brothers from last years game. So we were kind of excited for the game. Now when I say we, I mostly mean Ryan. But I was a good sport and decided to make a cake to honor the SuperBowl.

Yes...Ryan is laughing at my "creation"/cake!
Now...honor is probably not the correct term, as the cake made of cupcakes didn't really turn out as I had hoped, but I have never tried to do creative baking before. Laugh if you will, but I enjoyed myself and the cake with a "go" on it tasted just fine! Plus if I do this every year...then maybe I'll look forward to the "big game" as well! :)


michelle said...

cute cake! :)

Emily said...

You are such a nice wife... your cake looks yummo!!

Pixie said...

Way fun!! :D

Pixie said...

That Nutrigrain thing was scarey! LOL

deannah said...

Very cute cake! Although I have to admit at first glance it looked like a fish to me.

And I'm so glad you finally posted a whole bunch!